Nick Simson

Profile #

I am a public sector communication designer with over a decade of professional experience. I spend most of my day designing, building, and maintaining websites at a large public university.

I also occasionally contribute pixels, code, and CMS know-how for small projects, independent artists and other worthy causes. I’m married to Eleanor, who makes paintings. We live in Knoxville with Zelda, our dog.

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Elsewhere #

Email is still the best way to reach me, but I do maintain a presence at the following:


I am not the urologist or the hockey player that share a name and Google results.

About this website #

This is my personal website. At some point I decided that a respectable web designer needs their own place to experiment and try things out. I tinker with this site’s writing, design, and code as I feel motivated, mainly during evenings and weekends.

This website does not track you. There are no third-party cookies here, and your data isn’t collected when using this site.

You can track this site’s progress and iterations at this GitHub repo. This site is built and deployed with Eleventy and Netlify. My blog posts are available in both RSS and JSON. I prioritize performance and accessibility. You can read a note on the type to learn about the fonts in use.

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