Happy holidays! ☃️

👶 Parenting #

Our little one is around 9 months old and is self-propelled now. We’ve been introducing her to a variety of foods. We try to be faithful to a routine, but allow for novelty as much as we can. Each day brings new joys and new challenges.


💼 Career update #

In late October I started a new role as lead user interface designer at a DC-based nonprofit. I’m excited for this new challenge, and to be specializing in UI work. I’m working with an excellent digital experience team, and I am enjoying being a work-at-home dad.


🤓 Learning #

Here’s some of the design and tech topics/projects I’m currently interested in:


📚 Reading #

I’m still using both Literal and Micro.blog to track my reading.


📍 Knoxville #

The Scruffy Little City continues to be home base. Spring and fall are the best seasons here in East Tennessee. You should plan a visit.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’ nownownow.com.