1. Simple sites and HTML energy Start something small and let it grow.
  2. NewwwYear Itches A few things I’d like to do with my site in 2023.
  3. Books finished in 2022 I finished 4,310 pages and 15 books.
  4. Giving Tuesday This holiday season, be generous. Radically.
  5. Mastodon servers Finding my way into the fediverse.
  6. Never Never say never. These are some things I have not done.
  7. Earth tones A new color scheme and a little CSS refactor spurred on by using dark mode.
  8. These webfonts do not track you Self-hosting web typography for privacy and performance enhancements.
  9. Adding an accessibility statement An important new feature to this site.
  10. Ditch Twitter. And Instagram. And Goodreads. Making social media work for me (not the billionaires).
  11. Lullabies I’m a dad!
  12. Books finished in 2021 I finished 7,449 pages and 20 books.
  13. Boone Goodbye, Dad.
  14. Now with dark mode Adding a new feature to this site’s design.
  15. Commonplace books, gardens, and streams An antique concept gets a digital upgrade.
  16. My six favorite utility classes Bits of CSS I re-use in almost every project.
  17. Gridlessness and modern CSS There’s never been a better time to learn (or re-learn) CSS.
  18. Learn JavaScript with Morten Rand-Hendriksen Learn the web’s scripting language in 10 chapters.
  19. An engine, a building, a garden Thoughts on personal websites, including this one.
  20. Accessibility and Performance A few handy code snippets and more.
  21. Design Justice Principles Thinking about co-creation as a force for good.
  22. Cedric Johnson on Public Goods and Inequality Beyond slogans and cynicism. Identifying complexity and contradiction.
  23. Books finished in 2020 I finished 12,237 pages and 39 books.
  24. Scaffolding Setting up a structure for the cascade.
  25. Web fonts and base HTML My rationale for these new fonts, plus a poor man’s style guide.
  26. Learn HTML with Jen Simmons In less time than an “Avengers” movie, you can learn the fundamental language of the web.
  27. Ready for a Newww Year Thinking and planning an open redesign.
  28. MMXX Surviving, not thriving in the plague year.
  29. Books finished in 2019 I finished 7,122 pages and 22 books.
  30. Books finished in 2018 I finished 14,345 pages and 44 books.
  31. Books finished in 2017 I finished 12,457 pages and 39 books.
  32. Books finished in 2016 I finished 5,323 pages and 17 books.
  33. JavaScript is not your interface. My review of Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson.
  34. Many best practices There’s more than one way to skin a website.
  35. Becoming an everyday developer What to learn, how to learn it, and what to learn next.
  36. Everyday developers On specialization, generalization, and being no stranger to change.
  37. Reading is hazardous Mary Ruefle’s writing is a blow to the skull and a balm to the soul.
  38. Collaborating on the new Tumbleweeds site Communication, prototyping, and tools to build a simple, beautiful site that works everywhere.
  39. Deploy An obligatory first blog post.