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I’ve learned a ton from Jen Simmons over the past several years.

I just finished watching her latest offering, the redesigned HTML Essential Training course, for LinkedInLearning. Simmons' mastery of the fundamentals of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) is impeccable.

It's really for anybody. It's for people who are on some kind of Web content team who were English majors in school and they're all about writing and marketing, maybe. They don't know anything about technology but they have to click over in their WordPress blog to the HTML section. It freaks them out. They don't know what any of that stuff is...It's not a beginner course. I think LinkedIn Learning does have an even more simple beginner course, and this course is, like, "Oh, you might be a Ph.D. holding computer science major who is an expert in Java and something-something, and now you switched to the Web team. This HTML thing is weird, annoying, and you're not really sure which element you're supposed to be using for what. You don't really understand it." The course is really for both audiences at the same time.

—Jen Simmons, on the Shop Talk Show podcast

The course is being offered for free right now, and is approachable whether you are just getting started putting things on the web or have been at this stuff for 25 years.

HTML is how we communicate meaning online, and anyone can learn this skill!

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