Behold, a log!

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After an excited burst writing about commonplace books and mind gardens, I spent a small chunk of my Labor Day weekend setting up a new site for public note-taking. For now, I’m referring to it as my log.

I find myself the owner of not one, but two personal sites now. Let’s see how long this will last.

Privately, I take a lot of notes. For digital notes, I’ve used Evernote going back to January 2013. Analog notes are taken on paper, preferably in a spiral-bound Rhodia dot-grid pad. My social feeds on and are full of signals: bits of the internet I feel compelled to curate or share, for whatever reason. And then there are highlights in Instapaper, highlights in my eBook reading apps, the occasional tweet and other bits of digital ephemera.

I envision to be the place where I can make sense of all this stuff: sharing the meaningful parts of the books, articles, and media I consume; sharing the details of a new typeface for possible use in a later project; publishing notes during the development or after the launch of new website.

The brief notes in the log will feed the longer, more sporadic posts on this main website. Or maybe the twenty-something posts here will migrate to the log. I haven’t decided yet. I wrote an introductory post detailing more of the possibilities for the log.

I’m using WordPress’ post formats to publish these things, and the power of categories and tags to catalog it all. The log is IndieWeb enabled, thanks to a beautiful theme by Matthias Pfefferle, and plugins by Pfefferle, David Shanske, and others.

There’s only a few posts up now, but you can have a look and let me know if anything’s buggy. Feel free to grab the RSS feed, or JSON feed if that’s your jam.