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In 2022, the books I was able to finish tended to be on the shorter side, compared to previous years. You’ll find several books on this list hovering around or under 200 pages.

I don’t feel like I had a shorter attention span, so much as I had a lot competing for my attention in 2022: Mourning the death of a parent; welcoming the arrival of my first child; transitioning back to an in-person office environment during a global pandemic; changing jobs and working from home for a new organization. I still read for pleasure, but I had other priorities to attend to.

That said, there were plenty more books I did finish that did not make this list. Those tend to be of the board book and picture book variety. I left off the reading aloud to my little one since it marks a drastic deviation from my previous years’ lists. I also lost track of the titles and number of times I read each one.

That does not diminish the importance of this kind of reading. My favorite of the board books was Little Owl’s Night, by Divya Srinivasan. I think my daughter’s favorite was probably What’s for Breakfast? by Steph Stilwell.


As always, here is a guide to the emojis in this list:
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  1. The South: Jim Crow and its Afterlives
    by Adolph L. Reed, Jr.
    📖 Finished on
    160 pages

  2. Arbitrary Stupid Goal
    by Tamara Shopsin
    📖 Finished on
    336 pages

  3. Worn: A People’s History of Clothing
    by Sofi Thanhauser
    🎧 Finished on
    400 pages

  4. Devo’s Freedom of Choice (33⅓ series by Bloomsbury)
    by Evie Nagy
    📖 Finished on
    168 pages

  5. Citizen Cash: The Political Life and Times of Johnny Cash
    by Michael Stewart Foley
    🎧 Finished on
    384 pages

  6. South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation
    by Imani Perry
    📖 Finished on
    432 pages

  7. The Idiot
    by Elif Batuman
    🎧 Finished on
    423 pages

  8. The Shame Machine: Who Profits in the New Age of Humiliation
    by Cathy O'Neil
    🎧 Finished on
    272 pages

  9. Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals
    by Oliver Burkeman
    🎧 Finished on
    288 pages

  10. Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy
    by Whitney Goodman
    🎧 Finished on
    304 pages

  11. Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City
    by Andrew Ross
    📱 Finished on
    312 pages

  12. Severance
    by Ling Ma
    🎧 Finished on
    304 pages

  13. The Scorpion’s Sting: Antislavery and the Coming of the Civil War
    by James Oakes
    📖 Finished on
    207 pages

  14. Detail in Typography
    by Jost Hochuli
    📱 Finished on
    64 pages

  15. They Knew: How a Culture of Conspiracy Keeps America Complacent
    by Sarah Kendzior
    📖 Finished on
    256 pages

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