Tagged “redesign”

  1. NewwwYear Itches A few things I’d like to do with my site in 2023.
  2. Earth tones A new color scheme and a little CSS refactor spurred on by using dark mode.
  3. These webfonts do not track you Self-hosting web typography for privacy and performance enhancements.
  4. Adding an accessibility statement An important new feature to this site.
  5. Now with dark mode Adding a new feature to this site’s design.
  6. My six favorite utility classes Bits of CSS I re-use in almost every project.
  7. An engine, a building, a garden Thoughts on personal websites, including this one.
  8. Accessibility and Performance A few handy code snippets and more.
  9. Scaffolding Setting up a structure for the cascade.
  10. Web fonts and base HTML My rationale for these new fonts, plus a poor man’s style guide.
  11. Ready for a Newww Year Thinking and planning an open redesign.

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