Jason Overall is a musician, composer and artistic director. I helped him create his first website.

We started the process with goals and a Dropbox folder full of site content, photos, sheet music samples, and mp3s. I wanted to develop a site on a flexible platform Jason could update easily himself with minimal maintenance costs. After discussing budget, time and content, we decided on Squarespace for its ease of use, rapid development and customizability and other added built-in benefits(webfonts, hosting, billing, developer platform). With the time and money saved on development, I spent more time customizing the design elements and creating a simple identity.

website mockups in narow and wide views
I created 4 distinct "style tiles" to explore type styles, layout and mood, and we picked out elements that felt appropriate for the content.
Jason Overall's name set in different fonts and arrangements
Identity comps, playing off of the 'O' initial in Jason's name and the tone/feeling of his music.
Set of color swatches
Color comps
After our first meeting I structured the web content into Squarespace's "base" Developer template and created some visual elements in Adobe Illustrator to develop an identity system and design atmosphere. Jason descibed his musical sensibility as somewhere in between the avant garde and the traditional. We settled on modernist geometric typography and a muted color pallette with a green accent.

website screenshot
Catalog page

website screenshot
Recitals page
website screenshot
Biography page