The Tumbleweeds are a Honky Tonk and Western Swing band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I started designing for the band in 2011, after Byron Ripley commissioned a logo and a few promo items.

The Tumbleweeds logo on coasters and bumper stickers
The Tumbleweeds play a lot of bars and hit the road often, so the logo was plastered on beer coasters and bumper stickers

In 2013, The Tumbleweeds recorded and released their first CD, a collection of favorite dancehall classics and signature tunes.

printed compact disc, CD cover and tracklist
The design and packaging art draws from the 1940s/50s era of Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, and Old Hollywood, and features the iconic California Zephyr streamlined locomotive from the closing track.
printed compact disc and interior foldout

In early 2015 I helped Byron & Co. launch, the band’s official website. I helped the client through a content inventory and developed a front-end site prototype of key pages and content types in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

preview of 3 Tumblweeds website pages at different widths</a>

The WordPress theme and implementation was finished by Whitney Ripley. The site uses the popular GigPress plugin for the calendar and is connected to the band’s Facebook and BandCamp pages. For more on the website, check out the process blog post I wrote in March 2015.