Little black puppy with one ear perked up, and one ear flopped down

Zelda is a small puppy dog we brought home in August 2015. Cute pictures ahead.

We were told that her mom was a Boston Terrier and her dad was a Chug. This is the first dog I've ever had, and so far, she's been pretty great.

dark puppy sitting in dog bed in middle of living room
dark puppy with white markings chewing on green toy
dark puppy on leash staring upward
tiny dark puppy asleep in a man's arms
dark puppy with white markings lying on back in dog bed sticking tongue out
black and white puppy chewing on a stick looking upward, showing teeth
tiny dark puppy being held in hands outdoors
dark puppy with white markings sitting still under kitchen table
black and white puppy with tongue out standing above brown coffee cup
puppy in dog bed looking upward
tiny dark puppy eating out of large food dish facing away
black and white puppy on back with bat ears perked up stretching for a red and blue tennis ball

The most current photos and more are posted on Instagram.

This page was created and published August 26, 2015 in honor of National Dog Day. Please carefully consider adopting a pet or donating to your local animal shelter.